The Better Apartments Design Standards

April 2017

The Better Apartments Design Standards have been gazetted by the Victorian Government.

On 13 April 2017, the Victorian Minister for Planning formally introduced the Better Apartments Design Standards (BADS) into all Victorian Planning Schemes via gazettal of Amendment VC136.  Moving forward all new planning permit applications for apartments will be assessed against BADS.

The key changes introduced by Amendment VC136 include:

• A definition for Apartment: “a dwelling located above the ceiling level or below the floor level of another dwelling and is part of a building containing two or more dwellings”

• Transitional provisions (exemptions) for applications lodged before the gazettal of Amendment VC136 and applications to amend planning permits (Section 72) lodged before gazettal of Amendment VC136

• Addition of BADS provisions at Clause 55 (ResCode - two or more dwellings on a lot) for the assessment of apartment developments under five storeys

• The introduction of Clause 58 (Apartment developments) for the assessment of apartment developments of five or more storeys

• Deletion of Clause 52.35 (Urban Context Report and Design Response) albeit a similar requirement forms part of the new Clause 58

A copy of the BADS can be accessed here

More information about the standards can be accessed here. 

Should you want to discuss BADS, please contact SJB Planning on +61 3 8648 3500 or at

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