Andrew Parr Director, Interior Design, Melbourne

Andrew Parr is considered one of Australia’s foremost interior designers. Since founding SJB Interiors in 1994, he has developed and refined his ideas concerning modernism as a basis for design. He interprets and designs for spaces in response to each specific client, location and brief. His design ethos of combining clarity with an unexpected, expressive signature is evident in projects such as the Est.

Jonathan Richards
Jonathan Richards Director, Interior Design, Sydney

Jonathan Richards is an interior designer and director of SJB. With a career that began in theatre and exhibition design, Jonathan brings a style of refinement and craftsmanship to the interior design projects at SJB. His joint passions for fine art and architecture are fused with interiors that are characterised by an elegant resolution of materials, textures and light. Jonathan’s twenty years of experience has crossed a broad range of projects including hospitality, corporate and residential sectors. He has been recognised by his peers with industry awards and is regularly invited to chair and participate in judging roles. Jonathan’s designs have been published widely and have been featured in local and international design magazines and books. His illustrative sketches are the hallmark of concept presentations by SJB Interiors and reflect his passion for an artistic approach to interior design.

Kirsten Stanisich
Kirsten Stanisich Director, Interior Design, Sydney

Kirsten Stanisich studied architecture at the University of Melbourne and joined SJB Architects as a registered architect in 1995. Realising that her design interests lay more with interior design, she then joined SJB Interiors. Kirsten was instrumental in establishing SJB Interiors in Sydney and was appointed a director in 2005. She loves the new and original in design, and design that pushes the industry. She is NSW president and a national director of the Design Institute of Australia.

Ljiljana Gazevic Director, Interior Design, Melbourne

Ljiljana Gazevich joined SJB Interiors in 1994 and became a director in 2006. She has a reputation for elegant and refined design, and her use of materials and meticulous detailing especially mark out her work. She is well travelled and very familiar with international design directions. Ljiljana’s work on a wide variety of projects has been recognised by many awards and through publication in local and international magazines.

Photos by Katie Kaars