Nemos Observatory

July 2019

We are delighted to be announced as one of three finalists at the annual CGArchitect awards for 2019, in the Unreal Engine category. This year the ceremony will again be held in Vienna, Austria, where the winners will be announced at the D2 Conference in late August.

In this short animation titled Nemos Observatory, the viewer is taken on a journey to an eerie yet magnificent dark sky reserve within which our observatory rests. It sits proudly within its rugged surroundings yet is also shrouded by a sense of mystery and wonder.

Curiosity turns to tension as we descend into the heart of the observation room. The observatory opens its doors and breathes in an endless cosmos. As day breaks, we are greeted with the architectural delights of long sweeping curves, intricate tile work and brass detailing within a grand interior exhibition hall housing a few of the world's space treasures.

The environment was created with World Creator, a procedural landscape generator, and then populated and detailed with Megascans and Speedtree assets, which provide environmental and vegetation assets respectively.

New RTX technology was applied in some scenes, which allows for real reflections and lighting to be calculated, allowing greater photorealism. However, because the technology is still in its infancy, this was a balancing act of toning down settings so as not to make the animation too slow.

Once satisfied with the environment, the observatory and the museum were designed with inspiration from the work of Santiago Calatrava and Oscar Niemeyer to create a fluid, sweeping architecture that is also slightly playful.

The awards have always been a great motivation for us to continue pushing the boundaries in what is achievable with computer graphics. While Unreal Engine is not yet a mainstream tool for 3D visualisers, the possibilities it promises for our industry is what keeps us learning to prepare for the future.

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