Exhibition - Other Worlds

July 2018

Pivot, Rachel Coad


The second in our exhibition series is ‘Other Wolds’. Curated by Marita Smith of Gallerysmith and Swee Lim of Swee Design, the exhibition explores idea and themes that touch on the ethereal. As the title suggests, the works are otherworldly, with subjects and methodology that allow the subject to shift and shimmer out of sight.

Exhibited throughout the working studio, the paintings, works on paper and photography each suggest something beyond the here and now. Sue Lovegrove’s painting No. 521, for example, was developed after the artist spent weeks camping on Maatsuyker Island, a largely uninhabited island off the coast of Tasmania. The work references the shape of the wind and the movement of native grasses in a place rarely seen or experienced by humans.

Catherine Nelson’s work Origin I, ii, iii captures an underworld fantasy of floating, suspended and twisting roots in an ambiguous and foreign mangrove landscape. Known for her capacity to digitally ‘paint’ light into photographs, her methodology signals the otherworldliness inherent to nature.

Other Wolds brings together a group of early and mid-career artists in unexpected ways, presenting a cohesive and elegant show while providing an opportunity for thoughtful pause.

Visit our studio at Level 4, 18 Oliver Lane, Melbourne 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday to Friday to view the selected works, or contact Gallerysmith for a curator tour.


Iridium, Wilma Tabacco

Left: No 521, Sue Lovegrove / Right: Blush 2, Jennifer Goodman

Origin, Catherine Nelson

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