Andrew Parr Director, Interior Design, Melbourne

One of Australia’s leading interior designers, Andrew Parr has been setting the standard for high-end residential and hospitality design for more than 20 years. Andrew’s unique interpretations of contemporary, minimalist style are particularly suited to clients who value ideas as much as they value longevity.

Fei Chau Associate, Interiors, Melbourne

An engaging and enthusiastic architect, Fei Chau loves his work – and he makes sure his clients love it, too. He finds inspiration in the energy and vibrancy of the everyday and creates harmonious places where the feature elements resonate and fine details unify. He has worked on a diverse range of residential, education and commercial projects, including working with repeat clients on multiple projects – clients who appreciate his design excellence and enthusiastic approach.

Léo Terrando Director, Interior Design, Melbourne

Léo Terrando is a natural collaborator who sets high standards for himself and others, and these two qualities are reflected in his approach to leadership. “I want to question and challenge the design priorities of everyone here – including myself,” he says.

Ljiljana Gazevic Director, Interior Design, Melbourne

Ljiljana’s refined and elegant aesthetics have helped shape some of Australia’s most beautiful homes, apartments and hospitality venues. With an eye for detail and an international perspective, Ljiljana’s design work is both accomplished and highly contemporary. Ljiljana has long-standing relationships with many of her clients who appreciate the depth of her knowledge and her astutely commercial design abilities.

Photos by Katie Kaars