2018 NGV Architecture Commission

Shortlisted concept - Homemade Lemonade

Our shortlisted concept for the 2018 NGV Architecture Commission, titled ‘Homemade Lemonade’.

Here, beautiful yet humble terracotta roofing tiles emerge from the grounds of the Grollo Equiset Garden. The roof forms become the frame of reference for a discourse on our suburban construct, highlighting the need for more collaborative consumption, reduction of boundaries, sharing of resources and a minimising of the sprawl that characterises many parts of the Australian landscape.

The tiles are reinterpreted through a custom profile, with patternation and permeability across the pyramid forms. In a range of earthy hues, the material and palette celebrate the vast Australian landscape – the reds, oranges, and sandy, in-between tones. The reusable nature tile of the tile (its clay constituents derived from the earth) complements the philosophy of sustainable urbanisation.

The Grollo Equiset Garden becomes a shared suburban resource - a series of residences and backyards with the boundaries removed. Structures are aligned to the NGV grid, creating street vistas. Sunlight passes across the garden and through the trees and, most importantly, creates an ever-changing, rotating and overlapping kaleidoscopic experience within the structures as beams of light hit surfaces within.

A big congratulations to Muir Architecture and OPENWORK for their winning scheme ‘Doubleground’.

Suburban pitched roofs play the leading role in the Homemade Lemonade narrative.

Site Plan, Grollo Equiset Gardens

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