Adina Apartment Hotel Nuremberg

Nuremberg Germany

Effectively converting this 1980s brutalist office building into a sleek contemporary hotel, what evolved was a series of close to sixty different room plans with a loft-style approach. Using layered textures and tonal shifts, a palette of pinks and warm neutrals is realised through fabric, leather and accessories, providing pockets of rich colour combinations. The fitout is enlivened with line and form, in keeping with the loft aesthetic. 

The pool area (once an underground parking area), has been opened and made bright with a back lit, stretched Barrisol ceiling. The reception area design is at its most powerful with the pairing of exceptional feature lighting. In the main dining room a colossal Murano glass chandelier has been restored and brought back to life. Form and colour provide vital elements to the design with rich tonal shifts from the pink stone of Nuremberg explored in myriad elements. 

Neither nostalgic nor sentimental, the design plays homage to the city through a beautiful palette of warm pinks and rich materiality.


TFE Hotels

Imagery Courtesy of TFE Hotels / Adina Apartments Hotels and Klaus Wolter 

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