Alexandria NSW Australia

Betula is a mixed use development located at 620 Botany Road. The vision for the project frames a central courtyard as a public space that becomes the meeting point for residential community, commercial activity and landscape to come together to improve social, economic and ecological value. 

The spatial conditions of the site are utilised to define new geometric parameters creating destinations, entry points and circulation hubs which activate the space and connect with the urban context. The tectonics act at the outermost limits between environment and the body. Screens, barriers and porosity are all devices explored through materiality to respond to various conditions of privacy and use. In a playful juxtaposition, two distinctive characters are created through the ideas of bond and battening. 

A unique façade feature is an innovative architectural response to the NSW Government’s Development Near Rail Corridors and Busy Roads Interim Guidelines as it responds to the environmental conditions of Botany Road. 



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