Elwood Residence

Elwood VIC Australia

The aesthetics of this home are extraordinary. Residing in the inner suburb of Elwood, the sculptural form of the house has been inserted into the surrounding residential landscape. With a cantilevered upper-floor clad in aluminium slats, the day-time presence is that of a textured and patinated container over glass. At night, however, when lit from within, the upper floor becomes a lantern, while the lower floor falls away to give the impression of a single sculptural form floating in the night sky.

The house has been realised in a palette commensurate with contemporary Japanese aesthetics. Deceptively simple in its elegant expanses of concrete, American oak and steel, it is the introduction of detail that affords the whole a deeply ingrained luxury. 

The design required the house, built on a narrow, rectangular site, to draw light and air from a range of different means. This results in a house that is finessed by light that flows from a series of living spaces and interwoven courtyards, including a generous sized pool area. Landscaping was an important part of the brief, designed seasonally to respond to an ever-changing vista from within that is enjoyed for its shade in summer and sun in winter. 

What makes the house exceptional is the experience of the space. Intimate and private on arrival, the house is very much concealed before opening to the view as the journey into the house is revealed. Shafts of light pouring from the courtyards and through the stairwell similarly break the space, as does the use of horizontals and black steel, which add drama to the composition and its simplicity of line.  

The whole house becomes an aperture to focus on light and beauty.



Landscape Design
Jack Merlo

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