1-21 Robert Street Former Yorkshire Brewery

Collingwood VIC Australia

The planning approval for the redevelopment of the Yorkshire Brewery, Collingwood, was a two and a half year project for SJB Planning and the significant number of specialist consultants working as part of the consultant team.

Working with SMA Projects, and architects, Hayball, the site’s owner, SJB Planning lead the project team in pursuit of planning and heritage permits for a mixed, but predominantly residential development. The proposal retains, restores and adapts the historically and culturally significant fabric on the site and integrates it with new development clustered around an intimate neighbourhood space and a network of fine grain laneways.

The inevitable complexities and high costs associated with the restoration and adaption of the iconic Brew Tower (and related historic buildings) as well as the environmental clean-up, generated a redevelopment proposal with greater ambitions than the preceding permitted proposal had for the land.

Buildings that range in height from 4 to 17 storeys were planned for the 4,500 square metre inner city site in a way which could deliver a range of housing choices, great liveability and environmental sensibilities and nurture a sense of community.

While the local Council was not convinced of the ambition in the scheme, SJB Planning believed it had solid strategic support and that local policy in respect of height and scale and neighbourhood character were sufficiently flexible to allow approval of the proposal at the height, scale and intensity proposed.

SJB Planning assisted the client through the ensuing VCAT process and provided expert evidence on the planning issues associated with the project. The project gained its approval in that forum and SMA Projects has been quick to get the project underway.


Peregrine Projects Pty Ltd

$33 million (approximately)

Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

175 Richmond

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