Green Square

Abbotsford VIC Australia

The Yarra Gardens Precinct offers a significant land redevelopment parcel on the former MFB site in Abbotsford, with opportunities to revitalise and reconnect the Yarra River to the suburb and local residents. Following our successful collaboration with Salta in the delivery of ‘Richmond a Place to Live’ (RAPTL) located on nearby Burnley Street, Green Square’s completion and official opening by the Minister for Planning in April 2014 marks a substantial milestone for the development of the area.

Green Square, together with RAPTL and the ongoing development of The Yarra Gardens Precinct, demonstrates the successful integration of higher density living in an historically low-rise, fine-grain suburb. Comprising approximately 400 new apartments, 96 serviced apartments for Quest, and ground level retail to Victoria Street, the project has remodelled density in the suburb, providing new modes of living and opportunities for growth of the community. The project realises the aspirations to consolidate urban neighbourhoods and communities through holistically approached, mixed-use design.

The development comprises four buildings each with individual lobby access gathered around a large internal courtyard, or ‘green square’, with adjacent resident amenities including a pool, library, gym, sauna, meeting rooms and dining terrace. Stylish one and two bedroom apartments offer a range of outlooks including the Yarra to the north, the City to the west and urban views across Richmond and Abbotsford to the east and south, as well as expansive views of the resident courtyard.

Varied architectural character and form of the buildings illustrates a delicate and considered approach to the existing urban fabric. With two distinct street frontages, a variety of urban interfaces and new public realm experiences have been created. Residential activation of Shamrock Street has defined a new pedestrian thoroughfare with connectivity to the Yarra walking tracks, and retail offerings to the more establish Victoria Street have reinvigorated the area. The future development of The Yarra Gardens Precinct will further provide greater connectivity to the Yarra River and adjacent parkland for all local residents.  

The architecture of Green Square balances the complexities of large-scale buildings with residential living, maintaining a restrained palette of materials finished simply and elegantly. The Victoria and Shamrock Street apartments have a pattern of clear and coloured full-height glazing to provide maximum outlook and daylight against delicate concrete framing. The central courtyard building is playfully expressed through patterned glass to the full-length cranked balustrades, adding visual interest and subtle colouration against the garden backdrop. The primary amenities building present a unique outlook to the gardens with ground level pool and upper level terrace dining. 


Ian Ten Seldham 

Landscape Architect
Jack Merlo 

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