Horsham North Urban Design Framework

Horsham VIC Australia

Horsham North is a significantly disadvantaged area, with a pronounced lack of community services, economic activity, educational opportunities and personal prosperity. The Horsham North community is isolated and separated from the rest of Horsham, physically and socially, and is affected by a range of significant social problems. It contains concentrations of public housing, generational poverty, domestic violence, health problems and indigenous issues. The area is scarred by decades of poor planning decisions, which have exacerbated its isolation and decay.

SJB Urban was engaged by Horsham Rural City Council to prepare an Urban Design Framework for the Horsham North area, to provide a spatial plan for regeneration and re-integration of Horsham North, to facilitate economic, social and environmental improvements, and to re-connect Horsham North with the rest of Horsham, removing the stigma which has affected the North area for decades.

Comprehensive stakeholder and community consultation allowed us to establish a series of Objectives, which formed the basis of the planning recommendations and were aimed at addressing the major issues affecting the current and future development of Horsham North as a liveable, safe, accessible and attractive part of Horsham.

The Framework provides a range of modest, achievable, discrete yet interconnected proposals, which may be implemented over time, towards a more accessible, integrated and amenable urban area. The UDF was met with broad support, praise and community buy-in and momentum. The project has begun to change the perception of Horsham North and the quality and amenity of its urban environments, through a number of positive outcomes towards implementation.


Horsham Rural City Council

Consultant Team
Horsham Community Action Centre, Place Partners, GTA Consultants, Spade Consultants

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