Hutch & Hutch

Surry Hills NSW Australia

Hutch and Hutch is a boutique residential development located in what was once the industrial northern edge of Surry Hills. Built partially within an existing factory building, the development inhabits the shell of its predecessor, with apartments spiralling from a central core. As the building rises, the interplay of new and old gives way to a glass and metal volume, topped with intimate roof gardens looking over Surry Hills towards the city.

Surrounded by a variety of remnant warehouse buildings and small terraces and itself incorporating an old industrial building, the proposal is highly considered in its use of materiality and form in responding to its architectural context. Various types and textures of brickwork are used to integrate the development with the existing streetscape while identifying new structures from old. Upper storeys are set back to allow the predominant parapet line to be read and retain the relationships of the existing building forms. A slender infill volume restores the street edge while the play of parapets retains the grain and character of the industrial skyline.

Hutch and Hutch discreetly hides apartments of exceptional amenity within an existing factory building marked by a century of use. The development retains and enhances the diverse urban fabric while providing the opportunity for residents to inhabit a part of Sydney’s industrial past.




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