Potts Point NSW Australia

Inspiration for the interior design of IDA was sourced through the rich and colourful history of the long forgotten building. Tucked away in a secret pocket amidst the bustle of Potts Point and Woolloomooloo, IDA represents a proud example of 1970’s architecture which is uncommon in Inner City Sydney.

While maintaining the character elements the interior is stripped back to a workable volume. New spaces introduced to accommodate contemporary living through a mixture of one, two and three bedroom residences. The scale of the building is highlighted through mezzanine levels and vast double height voids.

Adjoining the original 1970’s building a contemporary addition is introduced linking IDA through to Brougham Street and carefully fusing together the old and new. Interiors on both the original and new buildings share the same two finishes schemes, ‘Gere’ or ‘Hutton’. Both palettes consciously reference the buildings history through oversized framing elements on joinery, expressed ribbed panelling and solid stone bathroom partitions.

These are modern interiors made stronger and more successful through the heritage elements surrounding them, giving context to the way a contemporary palette is read and understood.



2016 Australian Interior Design Awards, Installation Design, Shortlisted

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