Louisa Road Apartments

Birchgrove NSW Australia

Development of the waterfront site for six new luxury apartments entailed demolishing a 1970s building and replacing it with a building appropriate in scale and character to the eclectic heritage streetscape of the peninsula. The site cascades down seven levels to the river. Each apartment is 350m2 on a single floor, with 30m of living area oriented to the Parramatta River. Living rooms with extensive balconies occupy the centre zone; bedrooms face the river to the south; guest and rumpus rooms face north to the river.

At the upper street level, the development presents a solid masonry frontage to the heritage street context. Punched openings break the mass of the frontage and recreate the traditional rhythm of the street. The large openings are overlaid with crafted screens in timber or wrought iron, a contemporary interpretation of the ornate historic lacework patterns, evoking the adjoining heritage-listed terrace housing. The operable, laser-cut metal screens are patterned with images inspired by an angophora tree at the end of the peninsula.


Sunland Group Design

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