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M-City is a significant redevelopment in Melbourne’s southeast, and when completed will be the largest mixed-use development outside of the Melbourne CBD. Located in the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster, M-City will comprise over 650 apartments, a residential hotel, offices, a supermarket, a discount department store, a cinema, shops, food and drink premises, a child care centre and a fitness centre, constructed over four buildings with maximum height of thirteen storeys and above two levels of basement car parking.

The development will generate significant employment opportunities to a State significant employment cluster and will create the ‘20-minute neighbourhood’ sought by State planning policy.

SJB Planning was instrumental in the planning approvals process for M-City, which involved a planning scheme amendment, nomination of the Minister for Planning as the Responsible Authority for the site, the production of an Incorporated Document and obtaining a planning permit for the project, among others. Extensive consultation with relevant stakeholders and the community was undertaken during the planning scheme amendment process to ensure the project and its delivery responded to stakeholder needs where relevant and required. After much hard work the planning scheme amendment was gazetted and planning permit issued in 2009.

Since approval of the planning permit, SJB Planning continues to play a critical role in providing planning advice and securing further planning approvals to ensure the development continues to meet client, tenant and market demands now and into the future.


Schiavello / Saraceno Group

Buchanan Group 

Minister for Planning, DELWP, City of Monash, VicRoads, Transport for Victoria, the local community


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