McNab Avenue

Footscray VIC Australia

Surplus VicTrack land adjacent to the Footscray Railway Station, within the Footscray Central Activities Area is the site of a significant urban renewal project (approx. $350 million), being undertaken by Grocon. Purchased from VicTrack, with the Minister for Planning responsible for issuing planning approval.

SJB was engaged to facilitate the design and planning approvals process, working closely with the Minister’s department.

The development builds on SJB Urban’s Footscray Station Urban Design Framework and associated Priority Development Zone implemented by the Minister for Planning.

The development comprises three stages, each comprises one of three buildings ranging in scale from 7 to 14 storeys in height and comprising a mix of commercial (incl. key Government Department tenants), residential (over 500 apartments) and complementary retail/entertainment uses, as well as a new road and pedestrian connections to the Station and Footscray central.

A complex site adjacent to a busy rail corridor and the site of a Railway Station of State significance, SJB Planning successfully facilitated the approvals process, including the involvement of a number of key authorities and stakeholders with a range of competing agendas (including issues associated with Regional Rail Link), to secure planning approval for the development.



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