North Sydney NSW Australia

SJB were invited to prepare a concept design for a mixed use tower including hotel and residential apartments. Rather than a tower of glass and steel, SJB proposed a look back to the art-deco period where masonry was more common, and the buildings portrayed a sense of glamour, calmness and permanence.

The view from Miller Street is a classic, quiet building. Proportionally elegant with subtle curvaceous lines leading your eye to the sky above. Composed of brick, a permanent colourfast material which sets it aside from the rendered flats of the rest of the city, the proposed façade material will age gracefully over time.

The hotel component includes a designated porte-cochere along the northern edge of the building providing a place for taxis to quietly and elegantly deliver guests. While the pedestrian entry experience to the residential apartments is quiet and lush, with landscape and materials providing a rich and calming environment.

The residential apartments are designed to be classic and fashionable to feel more like a home than an apartment. This includes elegant and simple designs to provide the perfect canvas for each resident’s personality through the use of classic materials and details.



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