Newcastle East End Staged Development Application Concept Proposal

Newcastle NSW Australia

In 2011 the Lonely Planet rated Newcastle one of the Top 10 cities in the world to visit. New York was voted number one however, following SJB (Architects and Urban) being awarded the masterplan for the Newcastle CBD we can look forward to knocking New York off its perch.

The client is a joint venture between GPT and UrbanGrowth NSW, both of whom have a long history of working in Newcastle, with varying success in delivering outcomes. The team, led by Adam Haddow and Jonathan Knapp along with Alison McCabe from SJB Planning were selected having successfully negotiated the two-stage tendering process. A key concept identified during the submission process was the opportunities offered by the site’s unique and steeply undulating topography, which allows parking and servicing to be screened by active retail and residential uses, whilst being hidden with the ground plane. The change in levels also allows a number of connections to be made through the site to adjoining streets to create a highly permeable and exciting movement network where routes cross and intersect at key points within the CBD.

The success of this masterplanning project will be striking the balance between land uses, community expectations and market realities, the delivery of adjacent infrastructure, and integrating this project into a number of significant urban regeneration projects that are planned for Newcastle City. The project, which consists of 80,000 sqm of retail, residential, commercial and community uses and a construction value of $375 million. The 6-month masterplan will include a comprehensive community consultation program and a number of social media platforms to share the vision and evolution of the proposals.

Once completed, a Staged Development Application will be lodged with the consent authority and once approved will provide the development framework for the site where the heights, massing, setbacks and floor space will be defined and supplemented by site specific controls, similar to a DCP.

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