Newport Village

South Kensington VIC

The overall masterplan for Newport Village is defined by a series of striking buildings, all connected to create a continuous and eclectic, linear neighbourhood. Vertical greening and adjacent podium gardens form visual, vegetated breaks between the building forms. These green spaces and cascading gardens play a significant role in stitching the building into its context, contributing to urban ecology and enhancing the experience and wellness of residents.

A strong sense of community will be created through the many shared spaces, lobbies, arrival areas, gardens, outdoor amenity and parklands. Breathable corridors and lift lobbies with views out over the flourishing precinct and the newly established park, provide not only enhanced amenity within common spaces but also better visual surveillance while promoting a more walkable environment.

The distinctly identifiable series of buildings that will ultimately create this vibrant community have been designed with great consideration of their composition, resident experience and materiality.



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