Paragon of Pyrmont

Pyrmont NSW Australia

Paragon is a unique mixed use development in the historic suburb of Pyrmont. Built at the base of a former quarry, the development sits between historic terraces and residential towers in what was once a complex of dockyards, factories and worker’s cottages.

With a 15m rock escarpment defining the northern edge of the site, Paragon incorporates retail, terraces and apartments in a dense, urban complex. A pedestrian laneway creates a shared communal space, addressed by terraces, shops and offices. An apartment building marks the corner of Mount Street and Miller Streets, with a retail frontage forming an extension to the Harris St commercial precinct.

Paragon is a complex exercise in urban re-activation, creating a range of housing and retail typologies within the historic fabric of one of Sydney’s oldest industrial suburbs.


Thirdi Group 

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