Showground Station Precinct

Castle Hill NSW Australia
Showground SJB

SJB was engaged to master plan 249 hectares of land around the new Showground Station in Castle Hill, NSW on behalf of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. The Showground Station Priority Precinct provides a planning framework for greater supply of homes, more housing choice, and more jobs closer to home and supporting infrastructure. This is a long term project to be delivered over 20 years and like any renewal area, the project will evolve over time. By 2036, it is expected that the Showground Precinct will be transformed into a vibrant, connected and walkable centre which is attractive to live, work and spend time in.

The Priority Precinct will feature a new local centre around the station, a range of housing options, enhanced employment lands west of Cattai Creek, the revitalised Castle Hill Showground as a key regional cultural and recreational facility, and increased areas of open space, community facilities, and social infrastructure.

The Priority Precinct was prepared in close consultation with the community, council and land-owners, and represents an inter-agency partnership at State Government level.


Department of Planning and Environment


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