St Albans Activity Centre Structure Plan

St Albans VIC Australia

The structure plan for St Albans Activity Centre was prepared for Brimbank City Council as part of the St Albans Connect program. This program emphasises community participation: sense of ownership and pride are enhanced by community engagement in the regeneration of the neighbourhood.

Our design brief and concept designs were prepared, reviewed, tested and developed in an interactive, participatory process: a series of Inquiry by Design workshops involving the St Albans community, Council officers and stakeholder agencies. The project identifies both the short-term potentials and the implications of longer-term infrastructure developments relating to built form, movement and access, economic development and social wellbeing.

Four key themes, informed by our extensive consultation process, underpin the principles of the structure plan. The overarching development framework plans relate to the regeneration of central St Albans, and the precinct plans provide additional design detail relating to the sub-precincts. The St Albans Activity Centre structure plan was adopted by Council and informs current detailed design implementation activities, including SJB's master plan for the Errington Reserve Precinct.

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