Sydney Harbour Residence

Sydney NSW Australia

Sydney Harbour Residence is a contemporary response to a historic and iconic Sydney harbour-edge site. The house is grand without being ostentatious. The predominant feeling is that of a residence within a landscape setting.

From the harbour the house sits comfortably on the site and presents as a prestige, classic but visionary dwelling. The playful roof form helps to give definition to the spaces beneath. Each peak and trough to the roof compresses and stretches the spatial quality of the room below, allowing the architecture to create intimacy and scale where required. The organic form of the roof playfully blends the interiors spaces with the sky, lending them a sense of beauty and delight.

The narrow plan, bordered by gardens creates a sense of ‘living outside’. In addition, the careful manner in which the glazing has been designed to completely stack away ensures a sense of openness and connection to the external environment.

Living spaces are classic and grand, warm and inviting, but also talk to a sense of optimism and vision. Materially the residence is soft and comfortable. The cool grey of the granite floors and columns, coupled with the warmth of the limed spotted-gum ceilings, lend the space a sense of relaxation and calmness, while the volume and scale of the room ensures a sense of importance. Textured walls constructed of natural materials, lend the architecture a sense of quality, warmth and familiarity.


2018 World Architecture Festival, House Future Project, Finalist

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