Wellington Street

Chippendale NSW Australia

Dating back to 1910 and located in close proximity to the vibrant new Central Park district, this simple yet handsome Federation warehouse style building on Wellington Street in Chippendale offered remarkable potential for its transformation into commercial office space, providing theperfect setting for old meets new. The addition of a new third level provides valuable additional floor space pushing the buildingenvelope to its limits.

Wrapped in metal cladding with steel portal features framing northern windows, this new volume showcases a revived destination while respecting its original robust presence. By exposing the original raw brick and old natural timber grains attention is focused on the building’s historical features and qualities. A new central atrium connects all three floors and brings light to every corner of the structure.

Glass bridges and a glass lift which allows visibilityof wrapping steel plate stairs in the atrium form the heart of the development, contrasting new technology against the Federation era. At the rear of the building, a set back courtyard with lush narrow planting against an existing boundary wall provides soft diffused light to the southern rear portions of the ground floor.

This area also boasts a well-lit projecting ground floor office, with a glazed roof, taking cues froman earlier treatment of this space. Plants hanging from the level two terrace and entry door awnings soften the façade. Greenery continues inside, crawling on feature walls and through the cobblestone atrium floors, emerging towards a grandiose skylight.



2020 NSW Architecture Awards, Heritage, Commendation

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