Woolloomooloo Bay Apartment

Woolloomooloo Bay NSW Australia

This light filled harbour-side location and the client’s artistic background enabled us to explore subtle pastel hues mixed with a more artisan approach to interior details of the Woolloomooloo Bay apartment. The selection of solid lime washed timber floor boards paired with soft pistachio and grey hues created a tranquil and calming environment to transition comfortably to the serene outlook.

The prime location and the generously proportioned foot print allowed for huge potential of the original tired and segregated apartment layout.  Maximising the vantage points from the apartment interior was paramount with the spatial planning. Tight constraints with existing services restricted our layout, however by introducing raised zones for services we were enabled to re-locate the master ensuite and let natural light seep in through an open bedroom and ensuite arrangement.

The client’s passion of the arts and natural inclination to colour drove us in both creative and traditional directions creating a whimsical and enchanting interior. Subtle finishes such as aged brass, natural timbers and elba honed stone set a serene backdrop to allow for a more experimental colour palette in the client’s artwork and our choice of lighting fixtures and furniture.

The apartment’s development had built elements that constrain to the apartment’s interior. Deep external overhangs and tall blade walls to the northern end of the balcony limited the source of natural light and de-valued the apartment interior.

A sinuous re-connection of the interior and exterior elements was greatened through spatial re-planning, and the extension of the timber floor to the external terrace. The choice of light and glossy finishes enabled the shimmering harbour to bounce off surfaces and bring subtle movement with-in the apartment interior.

From the projects inception to completion we drew inspiration from a contemporary colour palate and classic design details. The project collaboration with local craftsmen and suppliers who had an artisan approach to the construction of built elements was paramount.  



Australian Interior Design Awards, Residential Decoration, Shortlisted

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